Association for children and family support “FICE Srbija” actively participated at 33rd World Congress of its basic organization – FICE INTERNATIONAL, and CYC (Children and Youth Care Network), which was held in Vienna from August 22nd until August 25th 2016. At Congress participated more than 700 delegates from almost 60 countries from all around the world. The main theme of Congress which was named “Together towards better future for children youth and families” was – supporting the care leavers.

Great number of professionals who in their own countries are working directly with children and youth who are growing up in out of family settings, as well as researches, university professors decision makers and experts in different fields related to child protection presented their works and participated in exchange during the four days conference, organized at Faculty for applied sciences in Vienna.

During the Congress, at more than 60 PANEL presentations, plenary discussions, interactive workshops and poster presentations, which were prepared and leaded by participants, representatives of FICE Sections could learn about experiences from different countries as well as to get a chance to know better about actual situations within the social care systems, especially regarding projects and programs of support to the young people who are leaving care.

Representatives from Serbia organized PANEL presentation which included three connected themes, which, from different angles and points of view showed challenges and important issues in the process of leaving care i Serbia. On the PANEL were presented results of recent research about personal and environmental factors which contribute to preparedness of young people for leaving care (Anita Burgund, assistant at Faculty for political sciences / department for social policy and social work), experiences in implementation of local service aimed to support and empower youth and their families – early intervention, prevention of separation the children and their biological families and institutionalization (Danica Kopanja, psychologist), and presentation about significance of networking of different important institutions and organizations and development of different services, within the social care system, but also creating network with other systems such as education, health, employment at all levels in order to help to the young people to adequately adapt and integrate in wider society, once they leave child protection system (Zeljka Burgund, president of “FICE Srbija”).

At this PANEL presentation were many guests from different countries from region and European as well the countries from other continents, which were invited and involved in comparing the challenges of their own process of becoming independent with the challenges of youth today. By doing this they manage together to build new attitudes related to key factors of becoming independent and what kind of support do the young peole need the most.

Parallel with Congress activities the Youth Camp was held. The slogan of the Cam was BE THE CHANGE! Five young care leavers from Serbia participated and contributed to the creation of ten standards which should be implemented in the world so that young people have everything they need to leave care easily…

Young persons from Serbia were accompanied by Dejana Savic, psychologist, international facilitator at the youth Camp and  Izabella Majoros, care giver from Day care center for children with special needs and their parents from Temerin.


standardi za napustanje zastite


20160816_181532mladi i odrasli iz Srbije

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